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From the Newsletter...

Stay Alert!  Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

Calvert County Alert, a notification system that advises residents of emergency- related information via cell phones, landline telephones and e-mail, now includes the Town of Chesapeake Beach.   In January, the Calvert County Commissioners voted unanimously to sign an agreement between county government and the municipality allowing the town to utilize the mass notification system.   Residents are automatically signed up if they are listed in the white or yellow pages. Most cell phones are not listed in those pages, so if you would like to receive alerts specific to your location (even down to communities and even street addresses) you must go online and register. Here is the link (leaving site).  We are in the process of creating “shapes” which are specific communities where we might want to blast an alert.  For example, should we need to flush water lines in Richfield Station, we would send an alert specific to that neighborhood only; those not affected would not be notified.

Sign up is an easy process, and there are many options to help pinpoint exactly what types of alerts you would like to receive. Alert choices include volunteer, special needs, special business needs, community alerts and weather and hazard alerts. Within those choices, one can become even more specific. For example, under weather and hazards, there are six choices including flood, marine, winter, non- precipitation, tropical and severe. Then you may choose specifics under those categories.  Another great feature is the ability to choose the times of day that you do not want to receive alerts. This is nice for those who always have their phone on, but don’t want to be awakened with alert notifications. 

There is also a new “app” available to download called “Prepare Me Calvert” for iOS (Apple) and Android devices for free through the Apple App Store or the Google Play market. The “Prepare Me Calvert” mobile app is a must-have app for emergency preparedness and information. It puts critical, real-time information at users’ fingertips in the unlikely event of a regional emergency and helps residents stay prepared. Within the “app” there is a button where one can sign up for the Calvert Alerts. 

Many of us have families living in other areas of the country. If you would like to stay on top of weather alerts where your families live, take a minute to add their location to your alert system. You can add as many locations as you would like under your profile or different family members might choose to set up another profile using their cell number. This might be the preferred method, since then you could drill down to just receiving “extreme” weather alerts for your out-of-town family members. 

We are excited about making the Everbridge Mass Notification System an integral part of communications in the Chesapeake Beach community. Over the next several months, we will utilize it more and more. Don’t miss out; sign up today!

Another Successful Season at the Chesapeake Beach Water Park (Story by Laura Krick, Marketing Coordinator and Marilyn VanWagner, General Manager)

It’s hard to believe another season has come and gone. This season we experienced many successes.   Our first success came from within our Aquatics Team. We presented two Safety Awards to two of our lifeguards at the July Town Council Meeting. Katelan Bishop of Chesapeake Beach, received The Golden Guard Award from Jeff Ellis & Associates. According to the auditor, when he made his individual lifeguard observations, Katelan not only EXCEEDED the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Protocol, but she epitomized the Perfect Lifeguard. He told us that she maintained professional excellence, pristine attentiveness to the Zone of Protection, and exceptional performance. The Chesapeake Beach Water Park is one of 600 clients that are consulted and audited on a regular basis by Ellis & Associates, an International Aquatics Safety and Risk Management group. These 600 locations employee 40,000 lifeguards internationally. If you visit the Ellis & Associates website (leaving site) where they post their Golden Guards for the 2015 Season, they have only selected 23 guards out of the 40,000 lifeguards they audit monthly to be a Golden Guard.  We are very proud of Katelan! 

Our other recipient of this 2015 Safety Award went to Carinna Powell, also of Chesapeake Beach. Carinna performed exceptionally during a real-life medical emergency. She put into action all she had learned in training as a Primary First Responder. On June 23, 2015, a 7-month-old infant swallowed water and was unable to breathe on her own. Carinna executed an Emergency Action Plan with composed urgency and was able to clear the infant’s obstructed airway saving the baby’s life. When these young adults clock into work each day, they hope for the best but are always prepared for the worst. Carinna is a perfect example of demonstrating Ellis & Associates’ mission statement of “elimination of drowning events through proactive Aquatic Risk Management.” 

Congratulations are also in order for Nick Maloy, our new Maintenance Technician. Nick was hired just days before the season started, but he immediately proved himself worthy. He was busy trouble shooting wherever necessary, both inside and just outside the Park working every weekend, and most weekdays that we were open. Nick’s time at the Water Park was also very helpful to our Public Works Department as they were able to concentrate more on other Town issues. Now that we are in our off-season, Nick is busy cleaning the grease off of all the equipment in the concession stand, assisting Public Works with winterizing the pool and bath houses, and preparing and protecting all slides for the upcoming winter months. Once he is finished preparing the Park for winter, he will start to work on the list of maintenance items that have been identified and prioritized by the Water Park Advisory Committee. Nick is certainly a wonderful asset to our Water Park Team!

Success in Our Newly Designed Store! We experienced a very successful season in our new store. With the many new logo and novelty items, we were able to double our store sales in 2015 when compared with our store sales for the 2014 Season. Our tiny, but newly-designed store proved to be everything we hoped it would be and more. Look for some of our more popular items to be displayed in Town Hall for purchasing in the off-season.

Holiday Discounts for our 2016 Season Passes will go on sale October 15 for those that like to do early holiday shopping. Be sure to purchase a beach towel, hoodie, or long sleeve T-shirt, all with logos to add to your holiday gift pack. These are available at Town Hall in the lobby from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.  Like us on Facebook to stay informed of these Early Bird special discount rates and dates.

Employment Opportunities for the 2016 Season will be available on the Water Park website starting October 15. Go here  and click on Employment to sign up for the orientation for the position of your choice. Our posts on Facebook will also help to keep you informed. 

The Chesapeake Beach Water Park Management and Staff extend a big Thank You to you, the Town residents. Thank you for your support, thank you for your patronage, and thank you for a great season!  We will be working hard over the next nine months to bring you even more excitement, more fun, and another great season at your favorite Water Park! 

The Chesapeake Beach Oyster Cultivation Society is Expanding!  (Story by John Bacon)

The CBOCS has been all over the place this year ... on the land, in the air and sea! They are even in the “classroom” inviting 5th grade students from nine elementary schools in Calvert County to spend the day interacting with oysters. CBOCS members along with Town staff and volunteers have combined their efforts to expand the beauty, health and knowledge of Chesapeake Beach and the surrounding area. 

CBOCS ON THE LAND ...  The Mosquito Repellent Gardens located on the trail near Bayview Hills have been a great success. After construction and planting in April, the specimens have grown all summer. Many trail walkers have stopped by and picked up a brochure describing the plants that they can put in their own yards to ward off those pesky mosquitos. Some of the plants are even useful for eating and adding flavor to various dishes. During the summer, the marigolds started to disappear. Speculation was rabbits or deer. elanie Crowder was watering one day and spotted the culprit. It was a rabbit who we named “Merrigold.” 

Councilman Bob Carpenter donated a beautiful bench in memory of Pat Carpenter for residents to sit on and enjoy the beauty of the gardens. 

A Pollinator Garden to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees is planned for the spring of 2016. It will be located near the existing Mosquito Repellent Gardens. This part of the CBOCS effort is to help save the Monarch butterflies.

CBOCS IN THE AIR ...  The ospreys came back for a second year and had a family. The Purple Martins inhabited the new house near the Y Bridge. The latest CBOCS “in the air” project was to erect two bat houses along the trail. When they are occupied, we expect that the mosquito population will be reduced. We encourage any member or resident that is willing to build additional bat boxes to make this a winter project. We will put them up in the spring. 

CBOCS IN THE SEA ...  CBOCS completed the deployment of their 4th group of mature oyster spat to the Old Rock Reef in late August. We found that a stunning 76.5% of our spat survived their first year in Fishing Creek. This is well above the state average. The 5th group of 110,000 oyster spat was placed in cages under Fishing Creek and along piers on the Chesapeake Bay in early September. Many CBOCS members and the Town Public Works staff contributed to these successful events. 

AND ... CBOCS IN THE CLASSROOM ...   CBOCS will again partner this fall with CHESPAX and the Calvert County Natural Resources Division for 5th grade student field trips. From September, through November, students from nine elementary schools in Calvert County will spend the day interacting with oysters. This is the hands-on portion of a program “Oysters of the Chesapeake Bay” developed by CHESPAX and taught in classrooms using SMART Board Technology.  Environmental education in the Calvert County schools is a successful K12 program, and CBOCS is proud to be a small part of it. 

CBOCS IN 2016 Looking forward to next year, we have several more interesting projects planned. For a list of all CBOCS activities, click here .  We encourage you to be an active, participating member of the expanded CBOCS (Chesapeake Beach Oyster Cultivation Society).

29th Street Improvement -- Presentation of Concept Design by Paul Woodburn to the Town Council April 16, 2015 -- click here .

Sidewalk Improvement Concept Plan -- Proposed sidewalk to connect existing walkway at the junction of Chesapeake Village Boulevard and Route 261 with Beach Elementary at Old Bayside Road.  The Plan is presented in seven panels or pages in one Portable Document Format (pdf) file.  You'll need Adobe Reader or similar pdf reader to open and navigate among the pages (footnote below).

BGE Launches Annual Green Grants Program to Promote Environmental Stewardship through Energy Efficiency and Conservation  (April 1, 2015)

Environmentally-focused program provides grants of up to $10,000 to local nonprofit organizations that are committed to environmental stewardship.  – Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) announced that as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance and promote environmental stewardship and natural resource responsibility in communities throughout its central Maryland service area, the company has launched its annual BGE Green Grants program. In its third year, the BGE Green Grants program is designed specifically for 501c3 nonprofit organizations, which focus on energy efficiency, pollution prevention, environmentally focused community engagement, conservation and education.  To learn more, click here .

Parking Restrictions on Town Streets

Except to avoid conflict with other traffic or to obey a police officer or traffic control device there is No Stopping, Standing or Parking on Town Streets, when:

In front of or blocking access to: A public driveway, alley a mailbox, a private driveway or access to private property

In or On: An Intersection, sidewalk, crosswalk, bridge

Alongside of or opposite any street excavation if the parking would block traffic

Double Parking

There is an official sign or painted curb prohibiting stopping within: 

15 feet of a hydrant, 20 feet of the entrance to the Fire Department or an intersection not controlled by a Stop Sign or other traffic control device, 30 feet of a flushing signal, stop sign or traffic control device

None of the following types of vehicles are allowed to park in excess of 1 hour on Town Streets:

Vehicle requiring a CDL License, RV, Camper, Trailer for boats, Vehicles or Recreation Equipment

A vehicle having a cover that must be removed to operate

Vehicles with expired or no tags, vehicles which are missing one or more components which make that vehicle to be moved under its own power are Not Allowed in town, unless out of public view

Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) Contract Award (Bruce Wahl, Mayor)

At the January (2013) Town Council Meeting, the Council approved the award of the upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) to Bearing Construction, Inc. of Sudlersville, MD, and the management of the project to the design firm Whitman, Requardt, and Associates, LLP. The total amount to be funded is $16,158,930, which includes funds allocated for administrative and legal fees. The approval of this contract award secures State grant funding of 45.34% of the total amount. The balance of $9,287,117 will be shared among the partners of the plant: Chesapeake Beach, North Beach, Calvert County and Anne Arundel County. The Town of Chesapeake Beach’s share is $4,611,982.30 and will be financed through a low- interest loan from the Maryland Department of the Environment. This low- interest loan was also at risk had the Town Council not approved this contract award at the January meeting. Thankfully, that risk was averted by approval of the contract award.

Although this is a huge amount of money, we were fortunate that nine firms bid on the project, with Bearing Construction being the lowest bidder. You can rest assured that the Town is spending your money as prudently as is possible.

What is ENR? Simply stated, the purpose of this project is to reduce pollution in the treated effluent that is discharged into the Chesapeake Bay. Particularly, there is a Federal EPA requirement to meet a “Total Maximum Daily Load” (TMDL) standard of the amount of Nitrogen and Phosphorous that can be discharged. These nutrients cause algae blooms that absorb oxygen in the Bay and block sunlight from reaching submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), hence stunting the growth of these beneficial plants.

In addition to the nutrient reduction, this project replaces much aging and failing equipment; some Items have been in service for over thirty years. At the time we are doing this, the plant is being expanded from 1.32 million gallons per day (MGD) to 1.5 MGD, the capacity that is specified on our permit. This expansion was unanimously approved by an action of the Town Council in 2005 by an irrevocable resolution. Four of the 2005 Council members are still serving as elected officials in the Town: myself, Council Vice-President Patrick Mahoney, Councilman Stewart Cumbo and Councilwoman Valerie Beaudin.

The ENR project has been in the planning stages for over five years and is critically important to the future of our Town and to the health of the Chesapeake Bay. I am pleased to be able to report to you that it is finally about to happen!

Bill Paying Just Got Easier! (Leslie Porter, Town Treasurer)

The Town is pleased to offer the added convenience of paying your water and sewer bills online, using Visa, MasterCard or Discover with no additional service fees.  To access the site, click here (leaving site).  

The first webpage you will see is a login page. You will need your account number and password to login. Your account number is located on the top portion of your water / sewer bill. It consists of seven characters – five numbers with a period separating the fifth and sixth number. The first digit of your account number will always be a zero. The last two digits will also be zero. For example, account #123 would be listed as 00123.00 

First-time user passwords are preset.  Your password will be the first four letters from the last name on the account, plus the first two letters from the first name, plus  “00.” For example, John Smith’s password would be “SmitJo00.”

If your name contains a special character such as an apostrophe, you do not know your account number, or you have problems logging in, please contact Town Hall at 301-855-8398. One of our staff will assist you.

Once you login, you will be given an option to choose a new password. Interested in going green? You will also be given the opportunity to sign up for e-billing. With this option, you will receive your utility bills via e-mail. If you do not sign up for e-billing at your initial login, and wish to do so, please contact Town Hall for assistance.

Once you have obtained access to the site, you will see a summary page. This page shows your most recent billing data, payments made, and your remaining balance due. To make a payment, click on the “Pay Now” button.  You will be directed to the billing page. Click on the “Credit Pay” button. On the next screen, you will enter your credit card and billing information. The Town does not charge a convenience fee for this service. Once you have entered your information, click on “Submit.”  That’s it!

Message from the Sheriff's Department
-- REMINDER:   Unfortunately, there have been more thefts from vehicles lately. Due to these recent thefts, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office asks that you remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock the vehicle doors.  Report any suspicious persons or activity by calling 911 or 410-535-2800. 

Please share this information with family, friends and neighbors that may not receive Nixle Alerts. 

To sign up to receive Nixle Alerts or those from the new Calvert County ALERT notification system (which replaced Code Red), click here and then  press on the link to Nixle and / or Calvert County ALERT notification system.   If you do not have internet access, please call 410-535-1600, ext. 2638, to sign up.

For more safety tips from the Sheriff's Office, click here.

Adobe Reader is required to view these documents.  If you don't have this free tool, click here.


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